Bottles of hair Dove products

Knowing your customers - The consumer/packaging development relationship

Technical advances in pack shape and colour can be optimised to appeal to the consumer's desire for convenience and aesthetic value in product design.
Dixan laundry product packaging

Shapely stuff - Influence of shape on product design

Products using interesting and unusual shapes to attract consumer attention.
Elderly person opening packaging

Pensioner power - Packaging problems for elderly consumers

Elderly consumers often have problems with packaging. Packaging designers who address multiple minor impairments of dexterity, mobility, memory, eyesight and hearing that affect the older age group can reap the benefits.

Storing by numbers - Magnetic data storage

The role of numerical modelling in developing magnetic storage technologies.

Smart sensors - resonant frequency applications

Resonant frequency may result in more accurate sensing equipment. Applications include bio and chemical sensors for use at the micron scale.