A shocking revelation – The conflict between Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse

‘Pylons, those pillars Bare like nude, giant girls that have no secrets'
Lotus flower

Inspired by nature - Natural designs inspire packaging manufacture

There is an increasing expectation that business should be both ethical and environmentally friendly. Creative Outsourcing Solutions International, UK, are producing packs that appeal to consumers and mimic nature in their design.
Learn about colour tolerance in the print process

Gaining from Training - The Packaging Society training benefits

An overview of the Institute's packaging courses and the resulting career benefits.
Pleasantly surprised person

Design from the heart - Packaging with emotional appeal

Aesthetic properties and other designs in subconscious imagery are used to evoke an emotional response from consumers to influence repurchase decisions.
Packets of food in cupboard

People watching – Consumer feedback influences packaging

Intelligence on how consumers actually use products can influence packaging manufacture.