Manufacturing a change – The decline of engineering, science and manufacturing in the UK

In my November 2006 column, I responded to news that the University of Reading's physics department was to close in a piece entitled ‘Physics at crisis point'. In the Guardian...

Plastics positive - Positives of plastic sustainable packaging

The public perception that synthetic plastics are all bad and 'bioplastics' are the only answer to environmental packaging concerns is incorrect, says Wilfred Haensel, Executive Director of PlasticsEurope, the association of plastics manufacturers.

Active packaging - technologies to extend food shelf-life

The concepts, applications and issues involved in active packaging, a technology which extends the shelf-life of food products.

Consuming passion - The UK Government's waste strategy approach

A look at the UK Government's new Waste Strategy on overall resource management and what the public need to know.

Bags of morals - Sustainability in a fair-trade environment

Sustainable production can involve ethical and social trading ideals such as reducing enviromental harm, manufacturing products in a fair-trade environment, meeting annual recovery and recycling targets, and gaining organic certification.