Indebted to one another – The Kyoto Protocol and greenhouse gas emissions

There is a scene in the recent TV docudrama on the last days of Robert Maxwell in which he tells his Board he is not worried by a £4 billion...
Pavers in place in residential area

Going down the drain - Sustainable Drainage Systems to reduce surface water levels

With weather conditions becoming more extreme, sustainable drainage systems such as the installation of clay or concrete pavements to help facilitate drainage systems, are increasingly being used in urban areas to compensate for higher levels of surface water run-off.

Bigger and better, a flush system - Larger kilns reduce manufacturing costs

A new generation of manufacturing technology, including the use of higher capacity kilns and state-of-the-art IT systems, are increasing efficiency and reducing costs during china sanitaryware production.

Building rescue - protecting buildings from pollution

Processes to protect buildings from the structural degradation caused by pollution are described, and highlights the damage to masonry due to some cleaning methods while describing alternative techniques used in conservation efforts.

Corrosion, are we bothered? – corrosion control technology

The economic cost to corporate assets, machinery, equipment and buildings from corrosion is high. Corrosion control at its most basic uses thermoplastic or thermosetting polymers in applied organic coatings to extend the lifetime of a material. Corrosion control requires and ‘asset management approach'.