The stepping stones of life – Degrees of separation

During the past decade and a half I have written about 160 columns for Materials World and its predecessors, and I am beginning to wonder how much longer I can...

Buying energy - energy purchasing market options

John Hall of John Hall Associates, UK considers the strategic options for UK companies in the energy purchasing market. As recent analysis shows that price hedging has out-performed one-year volume based fixed price contracts, there is a need for large and small UK energy buyers to become more pro-active and develop sound risk management strategies to achieve maximum benefits.
View of a dryer

Drying to save energy - dryer system saves energy

Baggeridge Brick has revitalised its dryer system and managed to save energy. The brief was to produce and install a new dryer system that could be introduced while the factory was still running, thus negating downtime costs. This new system allows the day-to-day running costs to be visually monitored and more easily controlled.

Hedging, whose risk? - the merits of commodity hedging

The benefits and drawbacks of commodity hedging to the various stakeholders in copper and gold mines are analysed.