Developments in fine and ultrafine grinding technologies for the minerals industry

Significant reduction in liberation size of mineral deposits in worldwide has challenged the minerals industry to come up with efficient technologies to reduce the enormous energy required for fine and ultra fine grinding and to achieve economically the required recovery and grade for targeted minerals. Mingwei Gao and Ralph Holmes of CSIRO Minerals, Australia discuss the various mill types including the Tower Mill and IsaMill.

The habit of a lifetime – The debate surrounding the lifespan of Britain’s Trident submarines

In Oliver Wendell Holmes's poem, ‘The Wonderful One-Hoss Shay', a horse-drawn carriage was designed to run ‘for a 100 years to the day', and, indeed, on its 100th anniversary a...

Audits in perspective - the Nadcap programme

Nadcap is a cooperative programme of major aerospace and automotive companies to manage a cost-effective consensus approach to special processes and products. Fountain Plating presents the supplier perspective.

As good as gold - gold exploration in Tasmania

Greatland Gold is carrying out exploration drilling to increase reserves at its Firetower project in Australia where 2.5 g/t of gold has been measured in rock chip samples. The company has listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM market.

Lighter, stronger and cheaper - the use of composites in the transport sector

Lightweight composites applications are reviewed for the automotive, marine, railway locomotive and aerospace industries. Materials include reinforced thermoplastics, long-fibre composites, sheet moulding compounds, alumina trihydrate formulations, fire-resistant thermoset resins and carbon fibre composites.