From polonium to plutonium – The poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko

Like the radioactive element itself, the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko, is an affair which is pervasive and persistent - accounts of polonium contamination of even more London restaurants and aeroplanes...
The long arcade at St Pancras station, London

Underneath the arches - Rebuilding St Pancras station

The rebuilding of St Pancras station in London has provided a new confidence to British construction. Colin Pinnegar of Bulmer Brick Cutting, UK, describes some of the challenges encountered in brick-matching and cutting.

Simulation information - standardising data for modelling and simulation

The benefits of standards for computerised data representation are discussed with reference to ISO Committee TC184/SC4 and the development of the STEP (Standard for the Exchange of Product Information) family of standards, which includes ISO 10303-235 covering the aerospace industry. Standardisation of environmental and nuclear-decommissioning data will assume increasing importance.

Taking shape - the use of phase diagrams in materials design

A look at the role of phase diagrams in research and thermodynamics. They fall under the Institute's Materials Chemistry committee, which also covers their use in polymers, semiconductor systems, electroceramics and superconductors.

Stainless steel sandwich - Fibrecore, a metallic sandwich sheet material

A lightweight, metallic, diffusion bonded, sandwich sheet material can be prepared by evenly depositing a layer of melt-spun 304 stainless steel onto a sheet of this stainless steel, placing a second sheet on top of the metallic fibre layer and diffusion bonding the assembly under vacuum. The material is being evaluated for crash resistance in automotive and defence applications.