On the trail of polonium – The history of polonium-210

Following the poisoning and death of the former Russian spy, Alexander Litvinenko, I have been assailed by kith and kin to give an account of the poisoning agent, polonium-210. The...

Zulu nation – Riverside Mining’s anthracite resource in Zululand

Riverside Mining has been carrying out exploration drilling to increase reserves at the mine in South Africa, and the 10-year mining plan has been developed which will match the run of mine coal from the main Deep E seam with that of other mining areas.

Packaging down the years - the history of the UK's Institute of Packaging

Professor Harry Lovell of the Australian Institute of Packaging looks back on the history of the UK’s Institute of Packaging as the latter celebrates its 60th birthday.

Simple and luxurious - designing luxury packaging

The packaging in luxury products must add to the overall experience, but also remain practical and adhere to its traditional purposes of protecting, delivering and communicating the brand.

Materials in Sheffield - materials research at Sheffield Hallam University

Reviewing the activities of the Materials and Engineering Research Institute at the University, which is divided into four research centres covering advanced composites and coating (including nanotechnology and PVD research), structural materials and integrity (including corrosion research), electronic devices and materials and modelling.