Positive developments in negative materials - Synthetic auxetic materials

Auxetic materials may be exploited in developing enhanced materials to create textiles and fibres for sports garments or energy absorbing equipment.

A question of life or death – Radiation caused by atmospheric testing and Jesuit involvement in seismic stations

Following my August column, I am introducing another mathematical anecdote. In 1920 in the Ukraine, the Russian physicist Igor Tamm was captured by a band of Nestor Makhno supporters who...

On the green - Ionic liquids

Ionic liquids are now seen as tunable materials, can be used for a range of applications including lubricants, solvents and thermal fluids.

Look from the past - Traditional brick manufacturing methods

Advances in manufacturing technology for machine bricks have led to reduced costs and more efficient production techniques. The Director of York Handmade Brick Company, UK, explains the enduring popularity of handmade bricks for their aesthetic value.

Finishing the job - Glazing and decoration methods for clay roof tiles

A look at glazing and decoration methods for clay roof tiles including uniform coating with rotary atomisation, spraying, and application of powders, sands and granulates.