The decline in students studying Physics

Friends ring me up or stop me in the street to tell me how pleased I must be that nuclear power looks as though it’s in for some sort of...

The mines of Madagascar - The mineral mining potential of Madagascar

The government of Madagascar has launched an economic revival plan, which together with a World Bank/IMF funded programme, is designed to attract mining investment and provide a favourable environment for the island to reach its mining and mineral potential.

Moulding the future

Plastics injection moulding manufacturing companies in the UK and the USA have used innovation and diversity to develop specialised processes and products in the plastics industry, in order to match the competition from developing countries.

Aspects of aluminium - European Aluminium Award 2006

At the European Aluminium Award in 2006 an international jury met in Essen, Germany to assess entries and select winners after considering criteria on materials original and functional use, product functionality, design solutions, recyclability, durable lifecycle costing, and the representational and promotional value of aluminium.

Energy efficient extrusion - Polymer extrusion control and measurement

A real-time measurement and control system utilising intelligent 'soft sensor' technology has been designed to improve the polymer extrusion method used in the manufacture thermoplastic products. The ultimate aim is to develop an overall control strategy for a polymer extrusion plant that will quickly optimise the process of creating high performance polymers.