The nuclear power stations of the future

The nuclear power cognoscenti welcomed the election of Jimmy Carter as President of the USA at the end of 1976. He was the only world leader with hands-on experience of...
reVend & Spend machine

From where they came - reverse vending recycling

Two products are described that are designed to provide incentives to recycling. Reverse vending recycling machines accept and recycle used paper vending cups and ReVend & Spend is a combined bank of vending and reverse vending machines designed to encourage used healthier drinks and recycling of used beverage containers.

Preaching to the converted - efficient packaging waste management can offer cost savings

Managing waste recovery through recycling can lead to cost savings and simplify logistics by eliminating the movement of materials between sites. High-performance waste converting machines and shredders are available that simultaneously trim unwanted materials and rapidly convert them for use as wrapping and interleaving or compresses for void fill.
Thirty percent off: Steel cans use less material than they did in the 1980s

The real appeal of steel - recycling benefits for food and drinks packaging

In addition to strength and versatility, steel offers environmental benefits as it can be repeatedly recycled. Scrap steel is an essential part of steel production and it is extremely energy efficient. Technology advances mean that a 33cl drinks can now requires 30% less steel and 40% less energy to manufacture.
Trucking along: Efficient distribution can decrease waste

Waste management - meeting higher recycling and recovery targets

Packaging waste legislation is discussed, and recommendations are made on a systematic approach to the design of packaging over the entire lifecycle, from raw material selection through to manufacture, distribution and use and final disposal. The guidelines determine potential areas for financial savings.