James Lovelock’s Gaia hypothesis and natural uranium reactors

As promised, I return to the subject of James Lovelock’s Gaia hypothesis which considers the Earth as an intimately linked system of physical, chemical and biological processes, interacting in a...
Less time at the till? Polymer electronics could lead the way to item-level tagging

Guten tag — polymer-based radio frequency identification (RFID) tag development

PolyIC has introduced the first polymer-based 8-bit RFID tag that operates at the industry standard of 13.5 6MHz. An advantage of printed electronics is the ease of integration into products or packages as they can be applied easily to flexible packaging materials by laminating or labelling or by direct application.
Box for 'la vie en Rose' Bordeaux wine

Leader of 'le' pack? - French packaging innovations

Comparison is made between innovations in packaging design in France and the UK and it is suggested that the former are more exciting and adventurous. Examples discussed include packaging for children's ketchup and sauces, syrups packaged in slender, tall cans and a wine box for Bordeaux wine.
Technician conducts read distance test at ADT Europe RFID Performance Lab, Echt, The Netherlands

Standard bearer — radio frequency identification (RFID) standardisation

The packaging industry has been quick to recognise the importance of developments in RFID technology, particularly for returnable transport items such as pallets and crates. Progress in dealing with international standardisation issues is discussed including the European Commission's recently launched consultation into the use of RFID tags.