Get real — calculating project value

Alternative approaches for determining the economic viability of a mining project are discussed including net present value (NPV), discounted cash flow NPV and real options NPV, with examples presented for an undeveloped goad mine and an Alberta Sands, Canada, oil recovery project.

RFID and the holy grail - radio frequency identification standards

RFID offers strategic advantages by providing greater visibility and tracking in the supply chain and is more sophisticated than bar code systems. The need for standardisation and legislative issues to be resolved are discussed with reference to the activities of GSI, EPCGlobal, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute and the EU.

Plastics - the future of electronics in packaging?

Research into the use of plastics in electronics includes solid state polymer electrolyte battery systems, single transistor organic memory devices, organic light-emitting diodes and micro and nano patterned organic materials. Plastics are cheaper than metal or silicon, can be easily deposited and are flexible.

Developing a new dating game – dating technology for packaging

The adoption of colour-change chemical time-temperature indicators on some perishable foods could help consumers better manage their food inventories, preventing unnecessary wastage of food and reducing food-related illnesses caused by eating food past its use by date.