Prince Philip, Robert Hooke and Climate Change

A few weeks ago, over pre-dinner drinks at the Royal Society, I was debating with two old friends whether Fred Hoyle or Desmond Bernal had been the more deserving of...

Auditors, be the best - materials auditors for the aerospace and defence industries

The role of materials auditors is discussed, with case studies, and the activities of Nadcap, an international, industry-managed approach to conformity assessment, are described. Nadcap is administered by the Performance Review Institute and brings together technical experts from industry and government.

Forensic engineers - do we want to be heard?

Typically only two to three per cent of engineering expert witness reports are presented at Court and valuable information does not reach those who need it most. Delays in instructing expert witnesses subsequent to events involving physical injuries and fatalities can result in the deterioration or loss of forensic evidence. Case studies are presented.

Nosing around - electronic nose for detecting infections

E-noses analyse gas samples by passing them over an array of electrodes coated with different conducting polymers. Each electrode reacts to a particular substance by changing its electrical resistance. An e-nose has been developed at the University of Warwick, UK, to identify patients with Staphylococcus aureus infection.

Health and safety in Australia's mines

It is suggested that, while prosecution is appropriate for reckless and dangerous behaviour in the industry, 'honest' mistakes should be dealt with through enforceable undertakings which would foster safety through an immediate restorative justice process.