Disputing the notion that materials are 'boring'

On annual visits to Scotland, driving just north of the border along the A74(M), I always slow down at the sign to the Scottish Museum of Lead Mining, but then...

Raising the standards - Nadcap aerospace expertise sharing scheme

Nadcap is a scheme that shares expertise and best practice information within the aerospace industry and its suppliers, to achieve consensus on quality and create standards that are universally accepted by the industry.

Testing to the extreme - Nanoscale testing method for materials

Reliable, high temperature, nanoscale measurements have been developed to test materials at elevated temperatures. This is vital to determine the failure of materials from fatigue and overload, and can lead to the creation of advanced materials that can operate in extreme environments.

Nothing ventured - Mining exploration budget survey

A survey by the Metal Economics Group of the impact of global exploration expenditure by the mining industry details the changes in exploration budgets, and determines the specific areas and at which stage the money has been spent. Companies then use this trend data to determine the best use of resources and reserves needed to attract investment funding and achieve maximum return.

Mounting tension - composites for automotive engine mountings

Students on an Advanced Materials course at Cranfield University, UK, have developed a solution for the automotive industry that reduces weight, lowers fuel costs and reduces carbon emissions, by using alternative materials for engine mountings.