At the cutting edge of nuclear energy - advancing materials development

Chris Grovenor FIMMM, Malcolm Joyce and Francis Livens of the UK’s National Nuclear User Facility Management Group discuss the opportunities for researchers to advance nuclear materials development.

Mixed reaction to EU €800/tonne plastics charge

The EU's €800/tonne plastic packaging waste charge, passed by the EU Council at the end of July and which takes effect from January 2021, shocked the market because of both its size and narrow timeframe to implementation.

Meet the WTS Board - Keith Purcell, and his snippet of wisdom

Keith Purcell - additional biography plus snippet of "wood" wisdom.
Slide w/ ally actions LGBT+ risk assessments, Improve policies, specifically with respect to LGBT+, Senior staff to lead by example, Create professional networks, Gender neutral communications, Trans awareness training, Stop assuming everyone is straight,

No Sexuality Please, We're Scientists

Many thanks to all who joined us for Ben's webinar recently. You can view the recording here.

Radioactive waste disposal

Radioactive waste disposal demands robust materials. Dr Robert Winsley MIMMM, Materials Scientist and Senior Scientific Adviser at Radioactive Waste Management in Didcot, UK, explains how corrosion science is informing choices.