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Energy Materials Group - mission

The Energy Materials Group will:

  • Act as an ‘Across Division’ Group reporting to the IOM3 Industry and Technology Policy Board (ITPB), utilising the broad expertise within IOM3.


  • Stimulate and liaise with IOM3 Technical Communities on energy related activities where necessary and appropriate.


  • Take a lead in raising public awareness of energy issues and critical role of materials in both existing and new energy technologies.


  • Promote IOM3 participation in the national energy debate through engagement with stakeholders including parliamentary groups.


  • Act as a focus for energy sector materials activities over the whole materials life cycle, representing IOM3 interests and liaising with existing bodies such as professional institutes, networks such as the KTNs and funding agencies.


  • Respond to government consultations and media enquiries with the External Affairs Group.



  • Promote knowledge exchange on emerging energy technologies through the media of the Energy Materials Journal and targeted workshops.


The scope of the group will include:


Fossil Fuel Technologies

Fuel Cells
  • Steam turbines and boilers


  • Carbon capture technologies

Energy Storage

  • Gasification


  • Gas turbines, including advanced cycles
  • Infrastructure


  Hydrogen economy

Nuclear Power

  • Fission

Waste to energy

  • Fusion
  • De-commissioning

Energy Conservation


Renewable Energy

Extractive metallurgy and processing of related minerals

  • Solar (PV and Thermal)
  • Wind power
  • Wave and tidal power
  • Bio-fuels
  • Geothermal



NB: The Fossil Fuel Combustion and Extractive Metallurgy and Processing areas are looked after by other IOM3 Divisions, although the Energy Materials Group will maintain a strategic interest.