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  • Q&A with Sharon Harris from Forterra

    Forterra Plant Manager at the aircrete block production facility in Hams Hill, Coleshill, UK, Sharon Harris, speaks to Idha Valeur about her career in construction. Appointed to the position in July 2018, making her the company’s first female plant manager, Harris is responsible for overseeing the production of construction products including Thermalite aircrete blocks.
  • The benefits of ongoing skills support and training

    Technical workshops made their debut at the 2019 ClayTech event. Among the displays of automated brickmaking systems, binding materials and testing equipment, participants were able to take advantage of a series of educational sessions for the first time. Here, we take a look at the benefits of ongoing skills support and the history of the associations’ commitment to training.
  • Tacking on technology in construction

    Housebuilding in the UK is continuously falling short of the government’s ambitious targets, and companies are turning to new technologies and techniques to improve the situation, while maintaining standards of quality and living. From speeding up production to creating a better environment, Clay Technology takes a look at some of the ways the industry is improving construction.
  • Climate change and COP26 – what the brick has to do with it?

    COP26 is the next global conference on climate change, where 196 states will meet in Glasgow, UK, early in November 2020 to make key decisions to safeguard the planet. Cleia President, Philippe Penillard, discusses.
  • Q&A with Mary Lawson

    Former Institute of Clay Technology (ICT) Scottish branch President, Mary Lawson FIMMM, talks about her career.
  • Foundations for equality

    Experts in the construction industry discuss how the construction sector can promote inclusivity of the LGBTQ+ community
  • Shoreditch 'Black Volcano’ house achieves mirror-like glaze

    A secret mix of materials has brought a mirror finish to a London residential property.
  • Permeable paving and water management

    Rising rainfall and urban growth are contributing to greater water management challenges and increased need for sustainable drainage systems to help alleviate the pressure.
  • Females embrace brick industry

    Government targets and recruiters desperate for people with the right skills are helping women be embraced in the brick making industry.
  • Brickmaking sustainability driven by technology and material development

    Brick manufacture is an energy-intensive process, but power and resource savings can be made throughout the cycle to build up sustainability. We take a look.