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Foresight - ceramics

The following is a list of Foresight Drivers from the Ceramics Sector.



Business drivers Issues Technology & Innovation need
Education & Training Recruitment and Retention of people in Industry *Career development, continuous training, competitive remuneration,
  Lack of UK students studying materials and ceramic disciplines courses Collaboration between Industry and local Education establishments
  Age profile of Industry "top heavy" not enough younger graduates coming into industry  
  Image of Manufacturing Industry Improved image of the industry
Science & Technology New and Emerging Sectors Nanotechnology Life Sciences including bio-ceramics
  Product design Time from conception to market Materials Development
  Process design and Development Flexibility and small production runs Automation, sensors, process control
  Diversification New sources of energy
Funding of Research & Development EPSRC Basic Science Focus Programmes
  DTI Focussed programmes
  Industry sector research budgets diminishing  
Collaboration & Communication Links between Industry & Academia Faraday Partnerships EPSRC Led Networks
  "Laboratories without walls" Collaboration without preconceived ideas
  Intellectual Property / Secrecy Agreements with individual companies funding research Information exchange
  Product Development Industry backing for product development and marketing
Environmental *Reduction of process emissions *Sensors and modelling *Improved abatement techniques
  *Design for use, reuse,dismantling and recycling Waste recycling technologies / routes eg plaster moulds (Whitewares) Building Materials, design & Construction
  Waste Immobilisation/ encapsulation Waste recycling technologies
  *Energy Efficiency  
  *Climate Change  
  Lifecycle Analysis  
Globalisation Global Market Size & Growth How to manage "decline"
  Global Competitiveness  
  Supply chain logistics  
  Foreign Ownership of UK Companies  
  UK Companies with R&D Facilities Overseas Recruitment and training of UK Material Scientists with foreign language skills so they can work overseas