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Materials and the associated fields of minerals and mining are indispensable to modern society. To optimise our consumption of materials, to minimise the impact of mining, and to ensure disposal of used materials in a responsible way it is more than ever essential to fully understand their production, properties, applications, and alternatives.  

T&F in collaboration IOM3 will publish works on a range of topics relevant to materials, minerals & mining science, and engineering in the 21st century. Books, monographs, and other publications will be authored, edited, and reviewed by acknowledged experts. Each work will be tailored to the needs of students, educators, scientists, engineers, managers, and policymakers as societies around the world evolve to meet the universal challenges of awareness, sustainability, adaptability, and responsible use.

To submit a suggestion for a topic contact Allison Shatkin, Senior Publisher, Materials, Chemical, and Petroleum Engineering, Taylor & Francis/CRC Press. If you have a formulated concept than please complete the proposal form at the bottom of this page.


Materials science books


IOM3 materials science books are distributed through CRC Press. IOM3 members receive a 20% discount on all titles at Simply use discount code IOM16 at time of checkout. Phone orders can be placed through the Corporate Sales Manager at +44 (20) 337 73178.


Packaging Books

Three key packaging books are available from IOM3:

  • Packaging Technology, fundamentals, materials and processes. 
  • Fundamentals of Packaging Technology, published on behalf of The Packaging Society
  • Packaging - the Facts

More details about packaging books

Documents for download: