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  • Webinars to prepare business for end of transition

    IOM3 Content Cafe
    This month, the UK government is hosting a range of webinars to help businesses get ready for the UK’s new position following Brexit.
  • An alkaline hydrogel could heal wounds

    Materials World magazine
    A hydrogel with potential healing properties is being made in minutes without specialised equipment and at room temperature. Idha Valeur speaks to the creators.
  • Bandage to rebuild broken bone

    IOM3 Content Cafe
    Researchers at King’s College London, UK, have developed a material that allows transplantation of bone-forming stem cells into severe bone fractures to speed up up the healing process.
  • Designing biomaterials with AI

    Materials World magazine
    A data-driven approach to biomaterials is using artificial intelligence (AI) to predict water repulsion and protein adsorption, allowing for advanced material screening and design of organic materials. The researchers from...
  • Prestigious European awards for materials research

    IOM3 Content Cafe
    Major European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grants have been awarded to fund cutting-edge projects. Several materials related projects have been sucessful.
  • Thermoplastic for stronger bone and joint replacements

    Materials World magazine
    A thermoplastic biomaterial that is mouldable, strong and processable could result in more robust, versatile and adaptable biomedical implants. Idha Valeur talks to the researchers behind the development.
  • Advances in Applied Ceramics - Advanced Ceramics for Dentistry

    The Ceramics Society
    Advances in Applied Ceramics - Advanced Ceramics for Dentistry is now available, members have free online access.
  • IOM3 publishes 2019 Annual Report

    The Institute has published its Annual Report and Financial Statements for 2019. The report highlights the Institute's 150th anniversary celebrations, covering all departments, local societies and technical communities. The report also features IOM3 award winners and events.
  • 2020 IOM3 Annual General Meeting

    The 2020 Annual General Meeting of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining was held on 3 September 2020 online. This news article has been updated with a recording of the webinar and a list of questions asked.
  • More face coverings to be made

    IOM3 Content Cafe
    UK manufacturers are working with the government to increase face covering production at two sites, with another joining soon.