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Biomedical applications - education & training

Biomedical engineering can best be described as an interdisciplinary subject in which engineering principles and technologies are applied to medical and biological problems. There are many different courses at various universities that cover this fascinating and rapidly expanding field. The actual title of the course can vary including, Bioengineering, Biomaterials, Biomedical Engineering and Materials, Medical Engineering, Medical Materials Science etc. The courses will vary in terms of the emphasis of particular specialities and potential students are urged to check the modules offered in each case to ensure they fit with their preferred choice. Courses are offered at the undergraduate level (both at BEng and MEng) and at the MSc level. Entry at the MSc level can often be from any physical or biological science or engineering discipline. Below are links to a number of these courses although this list may not be complete.

UK Biomaterials Degree Courses

Below is a list of Universities offering courses in Biomaterials




Status of Biomaterials Undergraduate Training in the UK

In 2003 the Biomedical Applications Division reviewed the status of training in the UK and published a report, Biomaterials Science: Education for UK Undergraduates (pdf file 133k), with key recommendations for the future.